The 24 Problems Men Face

Well, actually it’s “Solving the 24 Problems Men Face”. That’s the subtitle of Patrick Morley’s The Man in the Mirror. I’ve got a copy of this book that’s marked up and well used. As a matter of fact, the group of guys that I meet with on Friday mornings went through this book early in our journey together…probably 7 years ago. I’m bringing this up because last week marked the 25th anniversary of the original release. 3.5 million copies later, The Man in the Mirror is still impacting men and helping us all follow the God who IS rather than a god of our own design and desire.

Through NCMM, I’ve gotten to know Pat Morley and have seen the broad impact not only of this book and his life but of the ministry that this book helped him launch. Check out Pat and his team continue to help countless churches reach and build men. As a matter of fact, many of the ideas and strategies we share with churches were originally proposed and tested by the Man in the Mirror team and offered to others in the book No Man Left Behind. (Check out this page with videos explaining The No Man Left Behind Model)

So, I want to congratulate Pat and the team at Man in the Mirror (especially David Delk and Brett Clemmer) for their original and ongoing investments in men, churches and even more importantly, in other ministry leaders like myself. If you have never read The Man in the Mirror, purchase a copy today. Read it with a small group of men who meet weekly. Use the chapters in this book to help you sharpen each other and keep pointing each other toward the one true God.

You may be wondering, “Just what are those 24 problems?” I won’t enumerate them all, but here are a few from the list:

  • The Rat Race
  • Biblical Christian or Cultural Christian
  • The Secret of Job Contentment
  • Children: How to Avoid Regrets
  • Wives: How to be Happily Married
  • Money: A Biblical Point of View
  • Priorities: How to Decide What’s Important
  • Pride
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Leading a Secret Thought Life
  • Accountability: The Missing Link