33 The Series: Volume 4

Man and His Work

Why is work so key to our self-worth as men? Why do we allow it to affect our families and our attitudes so much? Is it possible that our culture has influenced our thought of work in such a way that is not biblical or right? Is work part of the curse and we should begrudge it, or could it be part of God’s plan to make us Christ like. What’s God view on work?

Volume four of The 33 Series deals with “Man and His Work.” It explores men’s struggles, pressures of work and how culture has shaped our view of work. Its practical view of work gives you a clear understanding of how God sees work and offers guidelines to evaluate your own work experience in light of the Gospel.

This volume will challenge men to make changes, but men will also feel relief to understand why their expectations of work were unreasonable and never possible. More information here.