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Keep Going! Don’t Stop!

I’m reminded of the death crawl scene in Facing the Giants! (Watch that scene by clicking the link to the right!)

Saturday was a great day! Many of you made commitments to, with God’s help… pray, lead, love or serve more effectively. Satan will come at you from every direction to keep you from following through on those commitments. We want to help and encourage you by connecting you with great resources to help you walk with Christ and lead well.

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Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of resources that were available on Saturday. Hold on to this email and refer back to these links regularly! 

Don’t give up… you may have to go the distance with Satan on your back! 

Keynote Speakers

Workshop Presenters


Partners & Resources

Next Steps

Help Keep Us Going

Faithful monthly partners are the lifeblood of Noble Warriors. Ask God if you should join our partnership team. This link will allow you to make a one-time gift or become a regular partner. 

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