Individual Registration: $39

Team Registration: $99 & up

8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Box Lunch Included

Optional Workshops 1:30 – 3:00 PM

Hosted at Grove Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia

“Nothing, nothing I have ever done, ever in my entire pastoral ministry has ever reaped such real, tangible, longstanding, enduring, life changing, community infiltrating life change as giving direct attention to my men every year for 20 years… Nothing.”

~Robert Lewis


Dhati Lewis

Dhati Lewis is the Lead Pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia and the Executive Director of Community Restoration with the North American Mission Board. He is most passionate about making disciples, equipping urban leaders, and loving his family. He is the author of both the Bible Study and book, Among Wolves: Disciple Making in the

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Stephen Mansfield

Stephen Mansfield is a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and popular speaker, and is often found serving vital social causes. He is deeply concerned about the current state of manhood and launched the GreatMan movement to train men in the art of noble manhood. Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men inspires men to step boldly into honorable manhood.

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Discipled Men – Force MultiplierMike Young, Noble Warriors

The spiritual health of men directly impacts marriages, families, and churches. Every aspect of Kingdom ministry, in and through your church, will improve as you disciple men. Learn how to develop and deploy a strategic plan to help your men walk faithfully with Jesus and lead well.

Undivided – Engaging Hard ConversationsPastor James (J.T) Taylor, Village Church of Portsmouth & Pastor Mike Camire, Parkway Baptist, Moseley

Undivided is a video driven resource that models and prompts us to have healthy productive conversations about hard topics, particularly racial issues. Videos feature Dhati Lewis and J. D. Greear. J. T. and Mike will introduce the tool and model how you might use it to catalyze real dialog among your men in your church and beyond.

Building Your Band of BrothersStephen Mansfield, Great Man Movement

Most modern men walk alone. Most of them cannot name a best friend. They do not know who they would call in a crisis. They have no one around them who challenges them and makes them better. It is a plague in our time. Surveys confirm it. Medical studies confirm it. The male suicide rate confirms it. Stephen will walk leaders through process to help your men reclaim the skills of building the team of brothers that leads to masculine success.


 “Add men’s ministry next to preaching. It will be the greatest move you’ve ever made!” – Robert Lewis