A Summertime Experiment in Men’s Discipleship

A Summer Time Experiment

I’m doing a summertime men’s ministry experiment in my back yard. Traditionally, men’s discipleship and really most church programming falls apart in the summer. But, I wanted to see if something unique might work. So, I’m hosting HOT discussions around the fire pit in my backyard. We’re talking about fire in the Bible.

Last week we covered Moses and the burning bush. This week we’ll take a look at another fire story. I’ve challenged the men to be HOT (Honest, Open and Transparent). I’m pleased with the results of the first gathering last week and looking forward to this week’s gathering.

We’re trying to keep it simple and low impact but also very masculine. Here’s what I told the guys…

“If it’s hot; you will sweat. If it rains; you’ll get wet. I’ll have water but no food so eat before you come!”

It was hot. We did sweat. And it did rain. We did get wet… a little.

Someone did request hot dogs so we’ll have some man food this week but the key is still men gathered around a fire and God’s Word.

Here’s the outline for how we tackled Moses’ encounter…

  • What is this? (Moses was drawn to a bush that was on fire but didn’t burn.)
  • Who am I? (God had a big job for Moses but he didn’t think of himself as a leader.)
  • Who are you? (If Moses were to do the job, how would he explain the mandate?)
  • Who else could go? (Moses asked God to send someone else, instead, God sent help.)

We spent quite a bit of time talking about the fact that God blessed and encouraged Moses by sending Aaron to walk with him. Life is easier when we have someone to walk through challenging times with us. I learned that every man around the fire pit valued the idea of having a buddy to do life with but over half did not currently have someone who was walking with them. One of my prayers is that these gatherings will help men connect with other men who will sharpen them!