Advancing Churches to Build Men (continued)

Article continued from Noble Notes 4-26-12

BUT, Noble Warriors  is not primarily a conference ministry. Our real goal and desire is to serve churches as they reach and build men. As we Engage, Equip and Encourage pastors and leaders, we hope pray they will leverage what they learn to Engage, Equip and Encourage their men. That’s our real passion and mission. That’s why I live for conversations like I had yesterday….

A man who attended our Richmond conference with his pastor initiated a  conference call among the three of us to talk about how to launch an effective  ministry to men in their church. In our initial conversation, I asked the pastor about  his vision for the church and how he would like to see his men grab hold of that  vision to advance the Kingdom. We had an awesome dialog. I’m sending the  pastor some resources and he’s going to visit the NW office soon to preview 33  and talk more about developing a leadership team. I prayed with these two  men and hung up the phone pumping my fist! That’s what we’re all about!

Please continue to pray for us as we seek and pursue many opportunities like this. This is powerful stuff! Pray also for God’s favor and covering as we advance. This is war. The battleground is men’s lives and Satan doesn’t like for us to mess with turf he thinks he owns. Email us if you’d like to schedule an appointment or call (804-447-1720) to talk about how we can help you launch, build or sustain men’s discipleship in your church!