Another Season Begins

Here we go again…

This is a big weekend, Labor Day weekend in the official end of summer. Many of us will have a final weekend get away, that last summer party, or do something to bring closure to the season. But, the good news is another season begins. School starts, football season begins and many of our homes will transition from the carefree days of summer to the more scheduled days of the new fall.

For our family, these will be new schools, new teachers, new routines, and new Sunday school classes. There will also be lots of new things including new clothes, shoes, and notebooks. I don’t know about you but I’ve always enjoyed making the first notes in a new notebook or wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time. Heck- I even love opening a new jar of peanut butter.

Men, would you take a moment this week to stop and ask God if he would like for you to do something new in your life or even if he might want you to lead your wife or family in a new way?

  • Perhaps you should start fresh reading a few verses of scripture at breakfast or dinner with you family.
  • Perhaps this is the time for you to connect with a few guys and start sharpening each other during a weekly breakfast meeting.
  • Maybe you should start growing closer to your wife by reading and sharing scripture together. (The Moments with You daily devotional from Family Life Today would be a great tool!)
  • Start back at the gym.
  • Commit to a time of daily devotion with some Bible reading and prayer.

You get the picture. Ask God if he’d like to kick off a new season in your life this fall. But here’s the key-Don’t keep this to yourself. You’ll surely fail. Lay out your plan with another guy and give him permission to ask how you’re doing.