Authentic Manhood 33 – The Series

Authentic Manhood 33 – The Series
“What’s Next?”

33 – The Series is an awesome answer to the “What’s Next?” Question

Part of the success that Bonsack experience had to do with the tool they leveraged as ‘the right next step’ for their men. Al and Donnie leveraged 33 with their men and they have really seen impact!

33 is a video driven curriculum that is really the second iteration of the original Men’s Fraternity Material developed by Robert Lewis. We’d love to help you and your team leverage 33 to Capture Momentum and Sustain Change for the men in your church. Currently three 6-week volumes of 33 are available. (Ultimately there will be 6 volumes in the series.)

Check out more information about Authentic Manhood 33-The Series here. If you’re interested in purchasing the DVD study and/or participant guides, ask us about a free shipping code!

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For an even better launch of 33, plan to join us for a Battle Briefing lunch at the Noble Warriors office. Find out more here.