Be A Leader – Christmas Family Traditions

He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.

Men, one of my prayers is that my heart and the hearts of Timothy, Zachery, Benjamin and Hannah will never be turned from each other. We surely don’t know what the future will bring, but we all work for and pray for our children to walk in righteousness. We should also pray that we would never do anything as fathers to turn their hearts away.

We should be proactive and intentional in developing strong relationships with our children. One way to do that is by using family traditions to build lasting holiday memories. Dad, you can take the lead on this. Here are a few of ours:

  1. Each of the boys in our family gets one real tool for Christmas. I want to make sure they have a tool box full of useful tools when they are old enough to drive a car. They look forward to their tool gift each year.
  2. We always have a live tree. Picking it out (and sometimes cutting it down) is always a family adventure.
  3. I fix dinner on Christmas Day. Typically chicken and dumplings (I don’t know why.) Circumstances kept me from doing this last year but the kids have already talked about their expectations for this year.
  4. We place a life-sized manger in front of our Christmas tree to keep our focus on Christ (click here to learn how you can do that.)
  5. Stacy’s Dad always takes each of his daughters on a Christmas Shopping date. Although all four of the girls are married, with children of their own. This tradition lives. Stacy went out to eat and shop with her dad last night!

Do you have unique family Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear about them. Click here to share your story. Guys, there are many other strategies out there, but here’s the big idea. Create awesome, positive memories with your children. You can never tell, they may some day be a lonely or low time in their life when those memories of family traditions may help them stay focused spiritually.

Some of you may be hurting now because a child you loved and created memories with is out of reach. A friend recently sent me a blog post by Abraham Piper, John Piper’s son, that you may find encouraging and helpful.

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Noble Notes posted on December 9, 2009