Books for Dad this Father’s Day

Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men is just plain cool, fun and challenging. I personally enjoyed Mansfield’s insights about manly men in the Bible and throughout history. His whimsical writing style drew me in.


Point Man –I read this book for the first time in about 1993. Stacy and I were newly married without kids…yet. Wow! What a powerful challenge for men. Steve Farrar’s wisdom is still shaping how I lead my family and invest in my children. I’m currently meeting with a young dad and going through it chapter by chapter.


Raising a Modern Day Knight – We can’t talk about resources for dads without mentioning RMDK. This is the other book that shaped our strategy for raising sons. Stacy gave me this for Father’s Day about 13 years ago. Through this book, Robert helped me raise our boys. The encouragement for dads is just what most of us need!