Breakfast with the Young Boys

Breakfast with the Young Boys

School is about to start again. Zach will be a senior taking AP and honors courses, running cross country, hosting a Bible study for some of his friends at our house and helping teach a Life Group for middle school boys at our church. Ben will be a Sophomore taking a heavy academic load, working hard to make the basketball team, maintaining the lawn business and learning how to drive. Our lives are hectic and full. Just like yours. But here’s what I know, my opportunity to influence these young men is fleeting. I have to grab moments and maximize them when I can.

So, as school begins, we’ll also restart our Wednesday morning breakfast routine. I’ll get up first, then wake the boys and they’ll drag themselves out of bed. We’ll head to a local restaurant for breakfast. It’s simple and really quick. A few biscuits, some coffee and about 30 minutes together. But it’s gold! Our conversations are real, raw and significant. The boys did some arithmetic one morning and realized that this habit costs us about $50 – $60 each month. I explained to them that I’m willing to give up other things to have this time with them. Once these days are gone, they’ll never return.

Last year we worked our way through Every Young Man’s Battle by Stephen Arteburn and Fred Stoeker. (Yes, we had open and direct conversations about lust, pornography, masturbation and God’s great plan for our lives. Not easy but incredibly valuable!) This year I’m going to walk them through Dr. Jeff Iorg’s book, The Seasons of a Leader’s Life. I delight in the idea of investing in these young men and preparing them to lead their own families, as well as other arenas including the church.

Guys, I want to encourage you to set aside time to meet regularly with your own sons, or perhaps even someone else’s. Use a resource of some sort to guide your conversations. Share your faith story, your successes, your failures and your funny moments. Point them toward the Word and God’s wisdom. Do life together with them. Invest in them. Remember, these moments will soon be gone forever. It may be difficult to find the time, but teenagers need to eat and I’m not above bribing them with food.

I’d love to hear about how you’re investing in your sons (or daughters). Share a comment or better yet, send us a photo! #breakfastwiththeboys