Building Mangers, Men & Ministry

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Most of the churches participating in The Manger Build hosted their events last week. It’s been way cool so see the photos come in from across the country, events big and small. The results are always the same… men on the floor with very engaged kids doing something simple, active and fun.  

We love to hear the stories of grandfathers, uncles and friends who come out to build mangers with kids whose dads aren’t available. In the meantime, groups of men are celebrating the work they did together to cut, prepare and pray over the event.

1. Building Mangers creates noise, laughter, excitement and memories.

2. But really we’re building into men as they engage with their children (or someone else’s) in the process of building a manger and keeping Christ in front of Christmas!

3. Even deeper than that… we’re seeing teams of men at local churches have a great time working together to invest in other men.

It’s a triple play!  

Blue ArrowWould you take time to pray especially for those dads and granddads who will now have an opportunity to use our devotional ideas to lead their families spiritually?

Almost every year we hear from wives and mothers who are delighted and thankful for this event. Some have said, “This is the first time my husband has ever read the Bible out loud in front of our family.”

Now that’s a result worth praying for and supporting!