Christmas Traditions

The call came in last week. It happens every year. My father-in-law called to arrange his annual Christmas date with my wife. This is annual tradition that has been going on since she was a little girl. Her dad takes her out for dinner at a restaurant of her choice then they go shopping. Simple. Fun. Consistent. Priceless.

Dad, I wonder… are you and I being intentional and strategic about making investments and creating memories for our children? Ones they will cherish and pass on to their children? Take some time this week to plan for some family activities that allow you to set aside the busyness of Christmas and delight in being a husband and father.

I would encourage you to consider the “Daddy Date” concept with both daughters and sons… only I don’t think I would call it a ‘date’ with your sons. I would also encourage you to help your children select or make a thoughtful gift for their mother. Shopping for mommy should be a great family tradition.

As a matter of fact, I still have a memory being out with my dad to buy a gift for my mom. I’m sure he reminded me several times that I couldn’t tell Mommy what we got her. So, I held it together… sort of… when we walked through the door, I said “Mommy, I can’t tell you what we got you for Christmas but when you open it, we’ll be able to pop some POPCORN!”

Don’t miss a great opportunity to invest some time with your children. As a matter of fact, RIGHT NOW… pull out or click over to your calendar and set aside some time to invest in fathering. And when you do it share some of your own memories of Christmas and tell them why Christmas is important to you. Make a point, DAD, to keep Christ in front of Christmas!

Here is a conversation starter for you. In Luke 2:18-19 we are told that “all who heard it wondered at what the shepherds told them. But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart”. Take some with your family and personally share how you marvel at the gift of Jesus.