Coming Soon! Sharper Men

Coming Soon Sharper Men

We’re just under 3 weeks away from our first Iron Sharpens Iron conference of the season and it’s going to powerful!

Check this out… 

Stephen Kendrick, co-writer and producer of War Room, Courageous, Fireproof, etc. will be with us to challenge men!  The Kendrick brothers’ films have been successful not because they are good movies but because they are God movies! They are completely covered by prayer. There’s no question, we’ll all be challenged to step up our game!
“One of the best preachers in the country right now!” That’s what Dr. Crawford Loritts said about HB Charles during our recent pastor’s conference. I can’t wait to hear his message specifically for men!

We’re all expecting to be challenged and encouraged…

But wait, there’s more…Check out these workshops…

  • The Kingdom of God & Manhood
  • Battle of the Worldviews
  • A PROVEN Path to Sexual Integrity
  • Head of the House: What’s That?
  • Nailing Your Colors to the Mast

Add that to powerful masculine worship, great resources for men and you’ve got a recipe for transformation in the lives of nearly 1,000 men and all the folks whose lives they touch. I hope you’re planning to be with us!Be sure to checkout the Fredericksburg ISI Conference Page, Request a Game Plan Packet for your church and Register yourself and the men of your church for the conference! Be on the lookout for more info soon regarding the Roanoke & Richmond ISI conferences!

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