Dad – Spiritual Leadership Tips

Guys, one of the things I try to do with my children each year about this time is take a walk with them in the yard or the woods and find a dogwood tree that’s in bloom. I point their attention to the flower and talk about the following:

Notice that there are four petals arranged like a cross, What does that remind you of? It reminds me of the cross of Christ.

Notice that the outer edge of each petal has a dark spot right on the tip? What does that make you think of ? It reminds me of the blood Christ shed on the cross. The fact that the tip of each petal is dark reminds me that Jesus, hands and feet were pierced with nails and that his head bled when they pushed the crown of thorns down on his head.

Do you see the center part of the flower? What does that make you think of? It makes me think of the Crown they put on Jesus to mock him as the King of the Jews. They made fun of him but he really was and is the King.

Do you know that after the dogwood flowers are gone, there will be red berries here where the petals are now? What does that make you think of? It makes me think about the fact that Jesus died a long time ago but the blood he shed for us is still available for us if we accept the fact we are sinners, believe in him and confess our sins.

Then I might ask them if they can recite John 3:16. For God so loved Tim, Zach, Ben, Hannah, Mommy and Daddy that he sent his one and only son, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.

Here’s a link to a page that explains The Legend of the Dogwood. I don’t talk about the wood and that sort of thing. I’m just constantly looking for ways to talk to my children about spiritual things….as I sit at home and when I walk along the road, when I lie down and when I get up.

Noble Notes posted on April 30, 2007