Dad, Your Influence is Fleeting…

This picture almost tells a story by itself. Last weekend, I spoke at a conference for students and parents called Converse. The big idea was to help parents and teens engage ongoing dialog about hard topics related to student culture, sex and the influence of social media. As part of my workshops for parents, I shared showed them jars filled with marbles… 1 marble for each remaining week before our children graduate from high school.

You can see that Hannah’s jar is running over. It feels like we have lots of time left to influence her. Ben’s jar is about half full. Zach’s jar is about one third. Tim’s is empty. I decided to keep the jars in my office beside photos of the kids as a reminder that time slips away and as it does, our opportunity to influence our children is diminished.

Dad, you must be strategic an intentional about investing in your children at every age. Be careful that you aren’t encouraging them to major on minor things. Pastors and leaders, please understand and step toward the fact that your men are open to practical strategies to help them invest in the next generation well.