Dads: Teach them as you go . . . .

Dad, have you slowed down to ask yourself what you are passing on to your children? I think we all need to step back from time to time and evaluate what we are truly teaching those youngsters who are watching every move you make. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they’re only picking up the excellent parts of your character. They’re also picking up the rotten parts.

When my children do or say something I don’t approve of, or would rather not see in their lives, I have to ask if they have learned any of their bad habits by watching me, or if I have allowed them to pick up habits from other places. Men, fathering the next generation is a huge responsibility. We must take it seriously and be fully engaged in specifically and strategically teaching them what we want to pass on.
So, how do we do that? Great question. One way I try to accomplish this is to make sure I spend personal one-on-one time with each of the kids doing things we can enjoy together. This may sound a little kooky but last Saturday, I had them help me with some mechanic work on our vehicles. Ben helped change the front brake pads and rotors on one car. Zach helped change the spark plugs and wires on another. Working on projects like these together gives us an opportunity to:

• tackle and solve problems together
• accomplish tasks together
• talk about life and it’s challenges
• help and encourage each other
• create memories that will last a lifetime

Men, you may not know one end of a wrench from another. But you have some other skill or passion you can share with your children. If you sit and ponder for a while, I bet you could come up with a variety of activities you could share with your kids.
But guys, Don’t miss these opportunities, you will soon wake up and realize the little boy or girl who was growing up in your house has become an adult. Don’t allow yourself to get there without having invested heartily in teaching them valuable life skills and letting them see “the Best of Dad”.
One more thought, I know how to do those things because my dad spent time with me, we still share stories and reminisce about projects we worked on together. I continue to be thankful for the time we spent together. Let’s all prayerfully and strategically seek that legacy.
The photos above were taken last weekend when Ben and I were changing brake pads and rotors!
Do you have a memory about time spent with your Dad or your Children? Share a story here.

Noble Notes posted on November 19, 2009