Dad’s Tools – Fun Family Devotions

Most leaders would really love to know that every man in their church is effectively living out Deuteronomy 6…teaching their children about God and His Word in a meaningful way.

But, the truth is, many men just aren’t sure how to do that and do it well. Our goal, with Dad’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership is to help you help men.

We’re developing some of our own tools that we hope you’ll share with your men. But, we also know that this is a Kingdom enterprise and many others have great ideas and strategies. So, this month we’ve prepared a simple card that you can distribute to your men that points them to two excellent resources.

Both Kirk Weaver and Tim Shoemaker have leveraged much creativity and simple household things to help parents share their faith with their kids.

It’s been my experience that once men see some of these cool object lessons, they begin to believe that they can teach Truth to their families and have fun doing it. Using these tools helps men begin to think creatively for themselves and see the teachable moments all around them. That’s a huge win!

So, take a look at the cards below with info about Family Time Devotions and Smashed Tomatoes, Bottle Rockets: And Other Outdoor Devotionals You Can Do With Your Kids. Feel free to make copies of this resource and share it with your men. Generations may well be impacted as you help men step up to lead their families!

Remember, every Dad need’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership!


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