Dad’s Tools: Navigating Halloween

Scary Stuff- talking with kids about creating a safe environment

I have another admission for you. I’m afraid of the dark. OK, not as bad as I used to be. But, still the absence of light can be a little unnerving. If the lights are off in my house, I could step on a lego block or trip over a backpack that shouldn’t be where it is. If I’m walking in the woods, I can fall in a hole, trip over a root or meet with any number of other calamities.

The good thing is that I’m no longer afraid of Big Foot (I was terrified that I would encounter this mythical monster in the woods behind my home as a kid.) But, I am aware that what you can’t see can hurt you. I’m also a bit concerned about the infatuation that our culture has developed for zombies, spirits and death. (What’s up with the skulls all over the place?) I’m sure many would say, “Get over it! We’re just having fun!” probably true, but I do know that my kids don’t sleep as well when their heads are filled with those images or thoughts.

I think it’s important for us to help our children develop a healthy, Biblical view of the spirit world and point them toward the light of Christ rather than darkness. My intention is not to be an ogre here, but just to ask you to really give some thought to the impact of exposure to the darkness of our world through media. Surely, we need to consider age and maturity as we decide what we want out children to be exposed to.

Stacy and I have learned to check Plugged In Online for reviews of all sorts of movies by folks from Focus on the Family who catalog the good the bad and the ugly. I would encourage you to simply spend a few minutes reading about the movie your child want’s to see.