Do You Remember?

One of the things I’ve learned… albeit sssssllllloooowwwwlllyyy in my Christian walk is that if I don’t pay close attention I can miss what God is doing, saying or teaching in the circumstances and events of life. Even worse, I can be in a specific teaching/learning situation (a preaching service for example) and walk away having no idea what was said or how it applies to me.

In order to make sense of some things and to help keep me focused, I need to take notes. So, I take notes on nearly every sermon I hear. I also make notes in a notebook about what’s going on in life. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I believe every guy should be a writer. You don’t have to write something every day or even every week. But, it makes great sense to have a spiritual notebook where you record some thoughts, reactions, prayers and questions about life.

Recently, in a conversation with my oldest son, I was able to pull out a journal where I had written about my first reactions to bringing a son home from the hospital. It was an awesome moment. I’ve encouraged my children to write about particularly hard or exciting things. Ben recorded his thoughts about his puppy’s death. Tim wrote about some challenges along the way with his West Point application process. Doing this helped them process emotions and will have great value as they mature.

Here are some thoughts… none of them scientific, but I believe helpful.

  • Sometimes, it helps to write prayers in order to be clear and focused.
  • When you are conflicted about something it helps to put it all down on paper to be able to see it clearly.
  • My memory isn’t that good, neither is yours. When you write it down, you can go back and review some of the things you written or wrestled with over the years.
  • When you write it down, you have a clear pattern of God’s work in your life.

Men, it may be time to step up your game and become a man who writes. Don’t tell me you think it’s girly to write. Get over it, buy a simple notebook and start making some notes about your spiritual journey.

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