Extreme Power in Simple Questions: Just add a Campfire

This past weekend, the Young Family spent two nights at a church camp in Shawsville, Virginia.The trees were beautiful and the weather was awesome. We had a great time laying under the stars, hiking, playing games and just enjoying time together. (We even went over to Blacksburg to catch the Virginia Tech Homecoming Parade then watched the game on the big screen at Macado’s. Great fun because both Stacy and her dad are Hokies!)

I treasure these opportunities for our family to enjoy being together, getting to know each other and establishing memories that we hope will never fade. One simple thing we did while sitting around a campfire was ask each of our kids, “What would you like to be when you grow up?”. Their responses, both serious and funny provided launching points of other conversations. Here’s a summary of their responses:

  • Tim wants to be an Army General, so he can tell other folks what to do; or a radio announcer, because he likes to talk. (Definitely not a Librarian – too quiet!)
  • Zach wants to be a farmer because he loves tractors and machinery.
  • Ben hopes to be a professional football player or a camp counselor.
  • Hannah wants to be a pre-school teacher.
  • Stacy has not idea what she wants to be when she grows up, but it will definitely not involve laundry.

I was able to talk about all the various jobs I dreamed of as a child and young man (Inventor, Doctor, Teacher, etc.). We also talked about the fact that God has a plan for them and has given each of them specific gifts, talents and abilities that He wants them to use to advance His Kingdom and bring Him Glory.

Men, I want to encourage you to be intentional and strategic about creating opportunities to have conversations like these with your children. It’s important for you to listen to them process life. It’s also important for you to give them opportunities to ask you questions about your life. These conversations don’t have to happen around a campfire, but don’t miss out on the blessings of enjoying times like this with your family.


Noble Notes posted on October 16, 2009