Falling – With Style

Last weekend was a bit crazy for us. Stacy was away for the entire weekend on a women’s retreat and I was in charge. The whole thing was further complicated by the fact that I had a speaking commitment Friday evening and Saturday morning. (My Dad came up to hang out with the crew while Stacy and I were away. Thanks Dad!) Add to the equation that all of the kids had missed at least one day of school the previous week for illness and I started with a cold on Friday evening.

You get the picture. . . we made it but it really wasn’t very pretty. Several people asked me how things were going. I said that I feel like Buzz Lightyear in the movie Toy Story. Buzz claimed he could fly and proceeded to stumble and fumble through some acrobatics. Woody corrected him and said, “That’s not flying, that’s falling with style!” Guys, I definitely wasn’t flying high this weekend without Stacy there.

But, I’m thankful she was able to get away. The time of rest, reflection, Bible study and encouragement were great nourishment to her soul. The wife that came home on Sunday night was better than the one who left on Friday afternoon. I’m thankful that we were able to come in for a soft landing on the homefront and that Stacy returned with her spiritual cup filled.

Men, encourage your wives to participate in these life-giving opportunities for spiritual growth. Ladies, do likewise! Our marriages and families will be much stronger when both Mom and Dad are growing in Christ individually and together.


Noble Notes posted on October 28, 2009