Fathers and Daughters: Church, Hair and Weddings

Men, last week I told you that Stacy was away recently for a weekend women’s retreat and the rest of our family stumbled through the weekend, without the obvious advantages of having Mom there. Many things were different, mostly in a negative sense, but there were some positive aspects.

One is that we went to Church on Sunday. Why is that a big deal? Because I know lots of men who will bag the Sunday morning church routine if their wife isn’t there to push. Men, I believe we should be the driving force behind making sure that our families are consistently committed to meeting together with other believers for regular worship. Your wife should not have to get three children and a grown man ready for church and herd you all out the door on Sunday morning. We need men to lead the charge as their families move out to worship together. Especially, if Mom isn’t there. Men, what you do in these situations sends a huge message to your family (and others) about your faith.

Second, when Stacy isn’t there, Hannah’s hair is likely to be marginal at best. After a bit of a battle about which outfit to wear and choosing the right shoes, Tim and I tackled Hannah’s hair as a tag-team project. Listen, long hair is a beautiful mystery to me. The other four people in the house that morning (me and the boys) have a collective hair length of less than two inches. We don’t know what to do with beautiful blond hair that flows down past the shoulders. Some folks even politely commented that we had done Ok with her hair. They were being kind.

But the best thing about church on Sunday was the fact that I took Hannah into worship with us. She wasn’t feeling great but I had not option other than bring her along and keep her with me. As we stood to sing praises to our Glorious King, she stood on the chair beside me and held my arm tightly. When she leaned her head on my arm my thoughts raced forward to a day when we will stand together at the back of a church. She will hold my arm, doors will open, music will play and I will walk with her down the aisle to place her hand in the hand of another man. Stacy and I are already praying for that man (whom one of you may be raising!)

I suspect that as we make that trip down the aisle, a flood of memories will fill both our minds. Hopefully, one will be of the times we have stood to worship together, she holding my arm. One of my prayers is that in the weeks, months and years to follow that day, she will stand and hold onto the arm of another man who has led her to worship the one true God.

(By the way… the wedding photo above is Stacy and her dad at the back of the church on June 20, 1992. I was anxiously waiting for her at the altar!)


Noble Notes posted on November 5, 2009