Fathers – Tell Your Story! (And Grandfathers Too)

This Sunday is Father’s day. Families across our land will gather to celebrate Dad and perhaps even give Dad a sentimental card or a gift. But, Dads, I’d like to encourage you to turn the tables and be the giver of great gifts.

Two blogs that I follow had articles about the power of ‘telling your story’ this week. While these writers didn’t particularly have fathers or Father’s Day in mind, that’s naturally where my mind went. I think Father’s Day is a great time for Dad to share some family stories. Consider these quotes from Dr. Chuck Lawless on www.thomrainer.com

“Children and teens often know nothing of the events surrounding their parents’ or grandparents’ turning to Christ.”

“Some adult children don’t learn the details of their elderly parents’ conversion until late in life – sometimes not until making funeral preparations.”

As a child, I loved to hear my father’s stories. Knowing about my dad helped me know and understand him better. Even now, I remember some of his stories and think about his life experiences shaped my own development as well as my marriage and fathering.

So, tell some fun stories about growing up; but please also take time to tell your faith story. Talk about your family’s faith. Did you grow up in church? Who taught you about Jesus? Who led you to faith in Christ? How have you grown as a believer? Who discipled you? Who set a great example of Christian manhood? or marriage?

If you’re already an adult but have never heard your dad’s story, be courageous and ask him to tell you his faith story.

Keep in mind this is not just an exercise for dads, but also for granddads. Tell your stories. Also, I understand that some of you are not dads. So, find someone and some way to share your faith story. Learn about theirs as well. You may even be able to lead someone to faith in Jesus!

A Challenge To Tell Your Story by Chuck Lawless from www.thomrainer.com

A Call to Grandparenting: Storyteller by Cavin Harper from www.christiangrandparenting.net