I am continually amazed by how different Hannah (our 5 year old daughter) is from her brothers. About 2 weeks ago, I stopped on the way home from the office and picked up flowers for Stacy. No real reason, just to surprise her and express my love. The boys notice when I do this but their reactions are typically unremarkable.
Hannah however is a different story. She was captivated by their beauty and wanted to smell them. She kept talking about how pretty they were and asked many times “Daddy, when are you going to buy a flower for me?” She would crawl onto my lap, give me a kiss, and ask for me to give her flowers.

Well, Valentine’s Day was a no brainer. She received a small arrangement with a single rose (the boys each got a pair of safety sunglasses). She was thrilled! She has smelled the rose, looked at it and carried it from room to room. She set it in front of her place where she eats and takes it up to her room “so the boys won’t mess with it because they don’t like flowers”. Stacy even called yesterday to let me know that she had set the vase on her play table when she served dinner to her cousin as they played house.

Her natural affinity for beautiful things and her tenderness are great reminders to me of how God made men & women different. As her Dad, I want to nurture these God-given tendencies and pray for her to grow into a woman who loves the Creator and is willing to wait for a man who will recognize her qualities and love her the way Christ loves the church. Stacy and I are already praying for this young man.

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30