Follow His Lead…

Just over 40 years ago a hunter was shot and killed by anther hunter in the woods of Pennsylvania. A wife lost her husband, two teenage sons lost their father, students lost a teacher, the local church lost a servant and the Kingdom lost a warrior. Mark and Dan Witt were those teenage sons. Their reaction to such a catastrophic lost put them into a tailspin and compromised their relationship with God.

Time, much time, produced healing and ultimately helped these men come to grips with their loss and reconcile with the God of the Universe. As adult men, husbands, fathers and avid sportsmen themselves, they began to tell their story. A story that blessed and encouraged many, but more importantly, challenged many to accept Jesus Christ as savior.

Two years ago, the story was picked up by Field and Stream. Following Our Father was published as a major article in their December 11/January 12 edition, the story won several awards and is worth the time it will take you to read it. Dan and Mark’s tract, Mistaken Identity, is a tremendous witnessing tool for sportsmen, and their story could be a great way for you to launch a conversation about faith with another hunter.

While their story is not a fun one, nor one that any of us would want to live through, it is a living testimony of how God is always at work. Through every circumstance and situation, God is working to bring about His will and His Glory. Take time to read Following Our Father and Mistaken Identity over this Christmas season. Thank God for the gift of salvation through Jesus that Christmas is all about. Check out their website here.