Football in the Movies – When the Game Stands Tall

Football has been a subject of movies for decades. As a matter of fact, I recall my high-school football coach taking our team to see a movie about Bear Bryant in 1984. I still remember watching the movie with the team. Stacy laughs at me now when we watch films like Remember the Titans. She watches as I move in my seat during the action shots and once said “This affects you doesn’t it?” Yes, it does. The football experience never goes away…. But hopefully neither do the character lessons.

With that in mind, I want to recommend a new film to you. When the Game Stands Tall is being released next week in theaters across the country. I had an opportunity to see it last week and it’s a great telling of the story of De La Salle High Schools 151 game winning streak. There’s plenty of football action but more importantly, some great character lessons. The film will be a great resource for coaches and dads who desire to leverage sport at a tool for teaching character and Biblical truth. Here’s a link to the ministry resources page.