Fredericksburg ISI 2015 Workshops

It’s hard to figure out what aspect of an ISI conference is most impactful to the men who attend. Many men are understandably drawn to the keynote speakers. Others are greatly moved by the worship experience. Some are simply blessed by the fellowship and camaraderie of gathering with hundreds of brothers from other churches.

But, there is one aspect of the Iron Sharpens Iron experience that seems to be a highpoint for nearly every man; the equipping workshops. Our goal and desire is to provide a buffet of practical tools to equip men for godly leadership in many aspects of their lives. We have a strong lineup of presenters and topics for our upcoming Fredericksburg conference.

Here are a few that really stand out… 

Get Off the Couch and Live – Presented by Steve Reynolds author of Bod for God

Sexually… Tempted, Tested, True – Presented by Andy Zawacki from Back to the Bible

Money, Storms and Wars: Preparing for the Unknown – Presented by Stephen Hall of Joseph’s Way

3 Dimensional Coaching: Body, Mind, Heart – Presented by Kerry O’Neill of Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fervent Effectual Prayer of a Righteous Man – Presented by Don Coleman of East End Fellowship

Check out the full list here!