Give Thanks


Originally Posted by Mike Young November 2006

Guys, could I challenge you to join me in setting aside some time over the next few days to give thanks to God for some specific things in several general categories? Family, Church and Calling…

I’m just like you, I take things for granted. My wife does so much for our family that goes unnoticed, unheralded and unmentioned. I need to set aside some time to thank her for all she does.

  • I’m thankful for: clean clothes, the many meals she cooks each week, her management of the family finances, the groceries that she keeps on the shelves, cleaning bathrooms and moping floors, management of our family schedule, the details of life that she keeps up with, her ministry to other women, her commitment to me, her support of this ministry, our intimate moments, her faith in Christ, her confidence in me, and the fact that God made her specifically for me. She is a treasure!

Psalms 127:3 says Children are a heritage from the Lord…. I’m thankful for my children, Timothy, Zachery, Benjamin and Hannah. They are each unique, special and precious. They each bring joy to my life. Generally, I’m thankful for their health, their laughter and smiles.


  • I’m thankful for Tim’s engaging personality. He’s a neat kid that others enjoy being around.
  • I’m thankful for Zach’s curiosity and mechanical ability. He loves to work on things and figure things out. I delight in watching his face as his mind tackles a problem.
  • I thankful for Ben’s smile and laughter. He’s a tough little brother who hangs with the big kids on all sorts of adventures. I like that, but my favorite thing is to hear his delightful belly laugh, you can’t help but laugh with him.
  • I’m thankful for Hannah’s engaging smile and growing vocabulary. Being the baby and the only girl in our family, with a smile like that, I haven’t got a chance. She melts my heart… so it’s hard to discipline her when she slides the chair to the counter, takes the lid off the cookie jar and helps herself.

I’m also thankful for the church; on two levels.

  • I’m thankful for the local body to which I belong, Pastors Brian, Mac, and Derek, are men who are confidently walking with God and leading us to do the same. My family and I are blessed by their leadership. I’m thankful for the teachers and leaders who teach our children about God’s word each week. I’m thankful to be part of a growing fellowship of believers. I’m thankful that our growth is focused not just on numbers but growing faith in Christ.
  • I’m thankful for the greater body of Christ as well. I have many brothers and sisters who worship in different places, at different times and with different styles. I have brothers and sisters who emphasize and focus on various parts of scripture but, at the root of it all is this: personal faith in Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation. I am especially thankful for the work that I see God doing among the men in many churches here in Richmond.

I’m thankful for God’s call on my life to this work. I wish I could sit with each of you and talk about how God is using this ministry to impact men’s lives. I’m thankful that he is allowing us to see that fruit. I’m thankful for the many opportunities to grow and expand the ministry.

When I sit and ponder what God has done and is doing, I just laugh and shake my head.

When Noble Warriors was launched about 18 months ago, I could not have drawn up a plan that would be as exciting and powerful as the experience has been.

So men, I hope my ramblings have brought to mind some things that you could be especially thankful for. Set aside some time over the next couple of days to consider God’s provision and work in your life. I hope you can reach a point where you can laugh and shake your head in amazement.