#HowToDad – An Awesome Cheerios Commercial

So, let me start by saying this is not an open endorsement of General Mills or Cheerios, but they have created one of the best commercials we’ve seen in years. Finally, a dad who gets it right on many levels. Many have posted and re-posted this commercial on Facebook and cheered for it. Here are my observations on why it’s so dad friendly…

• Dad didn’t overreact to the horse mask, jumping on the bed, or loud music. He’s an even tempered man; not easily rattled.

• He engaged the kids in appropriate physical ways. He tossed the boy off the bed, carried the girl down the steps, played with the boy on the jungle gym. He knows the power of presence and touch.

• He served his wife coffee and commented on her physical beauty… “Hot stuff coming through!”

• Playground boo boos are “badges of honor”

• He spoke to his son quite subtly about boyhood vs. manhood. (remember the cap?)

• This quote, “Being awesome isn’t about breaking rules, it’s about making them.” Love this, great dads set boundaries for their kids and…

• Enforce them, later dad says that he’s The Enforcer when it comes to responsibility for chores. Many dads could learn a lesson here. But he’s also…

The Reinforcer when hearts are broken.

• And just when you thought he would criticize (remember the new profile picture) he affirmed.

• He cheered for his boys ‘gaining muscle mass’. He’s celebrating masculinity.

Check out this video and share it with some others and cheer for the dads around you who are doing it well!