HUGE Project

In August of 2005, we sent out our first large mailing. We had just launched into full time ministry and sent out The Battle Bulletin to our entire mailing list… about 180 folks. I thought we’d never finish stuffing and licking envelopes. We’re thankful for the favor God has shown this ministry. But, it comes with a lot more envelopes to stuff!


We just sent out our annual end of the year mailing… to about 8,000 recipients! About 20 folks gathered at the NW office on Tuesday evening for a quick dinner and a stuffing party. We are thankful for all the help and praying that friends and fans of Noble Warriors will enjoy the updates and celebrate all that God is doing in and through the ministry.

Expect to receive your copy of the mailing soon. Or… if you’re not on our mailing list and would like to receive one, shoot us an email, we’d be happy to send you one!

If you are interested in Partnering with Noble Warriors, check out more information here. Also see out November News Letter.