Investing in Men Over the Summer

Investing in Dad and Other Men Over the Summer_image

Here are some tips and resources for investing in men over the summer:

  1. Celebrating Dads and other men on Father’s Day – Don’t forget Sunday, June 21 is Father’s Day. Encourage your pastor and church leaders to leverage this opportunity to cheer for and encourage Dad’s. This is clearly one Sunday when men can and should be celebrated. Check out some great resources about celebrating Dads and other men on Father’s Day here.
  2. Investing in men over the summer – Because summer schedules are unpredictable and fluid, you probably don’t want to do a Bible Study that ‘builds’. Be strategic about investing in men over the summer! Here are a few tips:
    • Do a series of ‘one-off’ studies that guys could jump into at any time… here one week, gone the next. Men in the Bible would be a great one to start with
    • Fire pit gatherings -Lead a series of Bible Studies around a fire about how fire is used in God’s Word.
  3. Building your leadership team over the summer – Summer is a great time to work with your core leadership team to gear up and prepare for a strong discipleship season in the fall. Here are some great ways to get started:

So, there are a few ideas about how to maximize some your time as a leader of men in the coming weeks and months. Any other suggestions? Let us know.

Thanks for leading men faithfully.