Iron Sharpens Iron – Human Origins

An article titled “The Origin of Humans: Chesterfield library to host Smithsonian exhibit on human origina” appeared in the Richmond Times Dispatch earlier this week. 

I encourage you to read the article and ask yourself how you will properly share a Biblical world view (which includes creation as the true origin of humans) with your children. How will you prepare them to hold on to their faith in the midst of challenges? How will they respond to the teacher who, with convincing graphs, charts, photos and numbers, suggests that all life simply evolved and that there is no Creator?

Most men I know, including myself, believe in Biblical creation but aren’t really sure how to equip children to hold forth in the face of teaching on evolution. So, let me suggest that you join us for our Richmond Iron Sharpens Iron conference and attend Scott Gillis workshop on Creation.

Creation: Why it Matters

Scott Gillis from Creation Ministries in Atlanta will be with us at the Richmond Iron Sharpens Iron Conference on Saturday March 21st as a Equipping Workshop speaker . I sat in on his workshop in Roanoke and was thoroughly impressed, and quite honestly excited to connect with this ministry and the variety of resources to help me, as a dad, confirm my own beliefs and equip my children to hold forth with theirs.

Check out the website here. Consider joining us to hear from Scott and many other speakers and leaders who will sharpen you to help you lead your family! (check out more Equipping Workshops here)

It’s not too late to be sharpened on March 21! REMINDER: Early Registration ends Monday, March 16th. Click here for more information!