Ladies – Every Girl’s Crazy ’bout a Sharp Godly Man!

Ladies, I typically address most of what I say in these spaces to men, but this time I want to speak directly to you. I’ve spoken to a number of women’s ministry groups lately. Here’s a question I’ve been posing to them:

Who should be the strongest advocates for men’s ministry in the local church?

Let me help you by asking another question…

Who will enjoy the most direct benefits when a man walks with Christ and leads his family?

I think the clear answer to the first question is the women of the local church, because the clear answer to the second question is that man’s wife.  Ladies, I want to encourage you to encourage your man to join us at an Iron Sharpens Iron Conference to be sharpened. You can do that by making sure you remove any barrier that would cause him to choose not to join us. He needs to know that you support him in this.  I’m pretty confident that if you will release him to participate in an Iron Sharpens Iron Conference, you’ll be pleased with the results when he gets home!

Don’t you want him to be sharpened?

Feel free to email me if you have any comments or questions!

Noble Notes posted on March 12, 2010