Launch into 2017 with a plan…


We can’t catch a break. Christmas will come and go and soon we’ll be starting a whole new calendar. Seems to happen this way every year.

Chuck Lawless recently shared an awesome post about developing a personal discipleship strategy for the new year. Read it and react to it personally but also consider sharing it with your family, small group and other friends.

You know what? You couldn’t make a better decision about the beginning of the new year than to seek to read and study the Word more.

Here are two thoughts:

  • If reading the Word daily is not a current habit – start simple, slow and small. God will reveal himself to you and give you a growing appetite for time with him.
    • Here’s a blog post about how to get started.
    • Find a simple Bible reading plan by searching for “Bible reading plans” in your browser, or check out the Bible Reading Plan at
  • If reading the Word daily is already a habit – Read the Bible through using a One-Year Chronological Bible. I’ve done this three times… with each of our sons. In my opinion, it’s easier to read this in an easy-to-read version of the Bible like the New Living Translation.