Leading Your Family on Giving Thanks Day

Men, last week I challenged all of us to work on being proactive about how we offer thanks to the Creator of the Universe next week and celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world next month. Stacy and I worked through some of our holiday planning last week and came up with a couple of suggestions to share:

We’re going to have each of our children write some thank you letters while they’re out of school. We’ll work with each of the kids to write…

  • A thank you letter to God that we’ll read together on Thanksgiving Day.
  • A thank you letter to an adult member of our extended family that we’ll put in the mail on Friday.
  • A thank you letter to an adult who is outside of our family that we’ll also put in the mail on Friday.

Yes, we do expect some pushback on this but we’ll plan to set an example by writing our own letters and, if necessary, withholding dessert until the task is complete!