Manger Build Flash Back

Matt Newquist is essentially the Controller for Noble Warriors. He’s been helping us with accounting for about 7 years. He’s a Noble Warrior through and through! Here’s a note from him about his manger.

“I thought you might enjoy these manger pics after the recent snow. During Advent, I have made it a tradition as part of my Christmas decorating to put one of our manger in front of our pond garden and focus a spotlight on it, but have left the manger there the last several weeks. No apparent reason, but when pondering this, I thought ‘why put it away just because Advent is over?’. Well, I am glad I left it there for the snowfall. The pictures don’t really do the beauty and peace of the light’s glow casting on the snow-covered manger justice. Hope you enjoy and share as you wish. Praying for a fruitful conference season! In Christ, Matt “

We love to get stories and photos of mangers used in various ways. One key to The Manger Build is to find a way for last year’s manger to ‘disappear’ so you’ll need a new one every year. This one will probably fall apart as we move into summer and fall. Matt and his kids will need another one for Christmas 2014! Building a new manger for Jesus is a family tradition!