Manger Build Testimony

A Testimony from a Men’s Ministry Leader…


Wanted to give you an update and thank you for giving Ebenezer UMM the opportunity to participate in the Manger Build.

When I attended the training you provided at Register, I went away with the thought that this would really be a good thing to do to engage the men at Ebenezer.  I went home and prayed about it and then present it to the men’s group on Sat.  They all thought it would be a good idea and some said they would help to organize it and our target of getting 10 to 20 participants was realistic.  I continued to pray for guidance and to reach out to the hearts of the men here at Ebenezer.

GOD not only answered my prayers to organize and put this on but touched many others also.  It may not sound like a lot but we had 42 fathers sign up.  All said there were 110 participants on 15 Dec.  10 of the UMM volunteered to setup and provided help and support to all.  We did have two single moms sign up and we provided a UMM volunteer to help their child build the manger and talk with them why it was being done.   My wife, Edna, set up a Cafe for those moms who came along and provided hot chocolate and cookies for the participants.

The feedback I have received is very positive.  i.e. 

  • “This was the first time I have ever done anything like this with my child” 
  • “The daily devotional was spot on”
  • “Put a new meaning to Christmas”
  • “First time as a family we got together during Christmas to actually read the Christmas story” 
  • “This will be a new beginning in how I approach being the Christian leader in my house”

The Pastors where excited about this and took part in the day, even sharing with other pastors what we here at Ebenezer did.  They have had nothing but positive feedback.

I know personally that this has rekindled a passion in me to continue to offer and provide activities and opportunities for the men of Ebenezer.  I was getting a little discouraged in trying to reach out through the UMM to engage the men of the church.  But this has opened up a path that I feel GOD has directed me too.  Looking forward to engaging our men in ISI.

I want to again thank you and your staff for the support you have given in this.  Question, you mentioned a cross project for Easter, anything new on this?

Again Thanks
GODS Servant