Manhood Moment…

A young man at our church recently injured his foot pretty severely while fishing. He’s not even sure what happened but the shape of the injury looks like he stepped on a broken bottle under the water. (He was wearing flip-flops. Yes, he realizes this wasn’t a smart thing to do… He’s now a crusader for wearing shoes while fishing. But that’s not the point of the story.)

This young man is 23, has a job and an apartment on his own. He’s living independently. There’s a fact worthy of celebration right there. He’s also getting married in just over a week. He and his young bride have already saved up and paid cash for their honeymoon in Mexico. He teaches the Bible Fellowship class for high school sophomores at his church.  My son is in his class. He’s a young man we can celebrate! Now back to the story…

So, the injury occurred on Saturday afternoon and he went to the ER. They cleaned the wound stitched him up and told him to see a foot specialist on Monday. He went in and the doctor opened the wound and sent him to the hospital. The wound was not cleaned well and he was concerned about infection. The young man was to spend the night in the hospital and have surgery on Tuesday morning.

Because I know the family well, I went to the hospital prior to the surgery. I was standing by this young man’s bed with his mom when the doctor came in to talk about the procedure. (Dad was on the way.) The situation was much more dangerous than anyone thought. Questions were being asked and answered. The doctor was clearly speaking directly to mom as she continued to probe. But then it happened….

The young man moved his hand, got the doctors attention and said. “Wait a minute. This is my foot. You talk to me.” He was not offensive. just direct, clear and confident. At that moment, things changed and I was cheering, quietly, inside.

The young man had questions of his own. He’s an independent agent. He’s not a little boy who can’t speak for himself. I was so proud of him. His demeanor was not offensive to his mother, or the doctor. He was simply establishing his position, authority and presence. And he did it well. It was a great “manhood moment”.

In just a few days, this young man will stand beside his fiancé in front of their parents, family, other guests and God. He will take her as his wife… to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

He is being obedient to scripture in so many ways, but clearly he is leaving his father and mother and holding fast to his wife. I’m excited for them as they start their life together. I pray that their marriage is fruitful and that they will have sons that he can call into manhood as his father did. I also expect that he’ll tell his boys to wear shoes when they go fishing just like his dad did. I just hope his sons are more attentive on this issue.