Manly Things- Bear Hunting and Prayer

Adrenaline Rush! On Monday December 1, two of my sons and I had the privilege of going bear hunting with The Pulling Brothers. Talk about a rush!

Zach and Ben pooled their funds and ‘won’ the hunt in a silent auction at the Noble Warriors Partnership Banquet. Talk about some excited guys! Anticipation was high as we made preparations for the trip to Bath County.

I won’t have room or time for the whole story here, but it was amazing. The lead dog on the hunt was a bluetick/redtick mix named Bigs. The Pulling Boys say he’s 100%! If he opens up, he’s on a bear trail. Then the other dogs join in. It was wild excitement for a couple of hours until the bear was bagged. You’ll have to ask us to share the details when you see us. Neither Zach nor Ben was in position to take a shot on the bear but another member of our party put him down. I think we’re hooked. I’m certain we’ll go again!

So, is bear hunting a manly pastime? Surely it is. But what’s more exciting is being out in the woods on the hunt with other godly men. Wow, we had some great conversations as we waited, listened and walked. What a blessing to spend time on God’s creation with other men! I love to hear and share stories of men how Christ transforms men’s lives!

But, the most important part was this… We started the day with a devotion and prayer. I even remember Greg praying, “Thanks for the opportunity to spend time with men doing manly things…” As he said that, I was thinking from the outside, going bear hunting looks pretty manly, but this is the most manly thing we could possibly do, join in prayer with other men.

Honestly, I need to practice the manly art of praying more. I wonder, would you make it a priority to pray for each member of your family and your pastor by name each day this week. or, maybe you need to pray for some other specific things, I got a prayer request from a man this morning who has a job interview today. It was a privilege to pray for him. or, how about this, do you need to just step outside at some point today and take a praise walk? Do you just need to walk a bit and praise the creator for the beauty of what he has done.

Let’s finish out 2014 as men who do manly things… let’s pray hard!

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. James 5:16 NIV

The Pulling Bro’s, Greg and Jim, are brothers who were saved as young men. They’re both pastoring churches. As a matter of fact, most of bear hunters know Jim as “Preacher Man”. When you’re in the woods with them you’ll learn more about faith and God’s Word than you do about hunting! (BTW… If you’re interested in a bear hunt, check out the Pulling Bro’s Kennels page of Facebook. These brothers who are preachers love to hunt and share the joy of the hunt with others.)