Maximizing the Holiday Season – Family and Finance




Last week, we introduced a tool that we developed recently to help men lead their families well during the holidays. The resource is a set of four simple cards that include ideas to help us live and lead well from Thanksgiving through New Years. The cards offer ideas in four categories:

Faith * Family * Finance * Fitness

Here are a few ideas from the cards that are particularly applicable for the day before Thanksgiving… 

Faith – Dad, lead your family to each write 3 things they are thankful for on a card. Shuffle the cards and read them aloud before praying for your meal. (For extra fun – Let family members guess who wrote what!) more

Family – It’s not to late to invite someone in your church or community to join you for your family meal. Extend your family beyond the normal limits! It’s especially awesome for your children to see you opening your home to others… Hospitality is a great blessing. more

Finance – The shopping will start with great fervor on Friday, if not before. One of the best things you can do to help with spending is make a plan. Who will you purchase gifts for? How much will you spend? now’s the time to work on some homemade gifts as well. more

Fitness – I know it’s raining right now, but the sun is supposed to come out on Thursday and Friday. Get outside and enjoy some movement. Lead your family to be active. Your example speaks LOUDLY! more

Dad, these are just a few ideas. Check out more here for each of these posts!