Men and Church

Just as we were launching Noble Warriors in 2005, Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow was released. I was so moved by the message that I’ve given dozens of copies to pastors and men’s ministry leaders. Last year, David released a revised edition that is even more impactful. You can learn more about David and his efforts to help churches reach men at

Consider this outline and a few quotes from of a part of Chapter 3,

Men: Who Needs ‘Em? (pp. 23-27)

…over the long term, men and their ‘go for it” spirit promotes health in many different ways.

Men bring a risk orientation – Congregations that do not take risks atrophy.

Men exalt the rules – Men tend to exalt rules over relationships, whereas women tend to exalt relationships over rules…  Congregations that abandon the rules lose members.

Men impart strength – Doesn’t the presence of spiritually alive men bring strength to the body?

Men bring money – Conceivably, a church could triple its contributions just by engaging men.

Men attract women – Women seem to love to worship in the presence of enthusiastic men.

Why are secularism and Islam on the rise? Both have proven their ability to capture the hearts of men. In spiritual matters children have always followed their fathers. IN all of human history, no religion has prospered without the robust participation and leadership of men. The religion that wins men, wins.

This is only a sampling; Dave unpacks each of these ideas and many more in great detail. I’ll share other challenges in the coming weeks. For now, if you’re at all interested in helping your church reach men and/or understanding how churches miss the mark where men are concerned, buy a copy of this new edition for yourself and one for your pastor. Read yours and ask him to read his then take him out to lunch to talk about men.

Keep in mind, the goal of Noble Warriors is to Engage, Equip and Encourage Churches to reach and build men. We’re ready to help in any way. Feel free to reach out to us!