Men’s Fraternity- Part of Your Story and Ours…

NWMens Frat

ONE became FOUR




That’s the Men’s Fraternity Story through Noble Warriors. After learning about Men’s Fraternity in the fall of 2004, I went through The Quest for Authentic Manhood with two other men in the summer of 2005. ONE Group

In the fall of 2005, I led FOUR groups (Countryside Christian Church, Bethia United Methodist, Avent Homes and Parkway Baptist). Word got around and others wanted to share Men’s Fraternity so in the fall of 2006, ELEVEN groups were launched.

Momentum was really building in the fall of 2007 when we were aware of at least THIRTY-NINE groups across the region! Finally, we lost count in 2008 when we think the number of groups grew close to A HUNDRED! We continue to hear about groups of men being transformed by Men’s Fraternity or the newer version 33: The Series.

Many of you who read Noble Notes have been challenged and changed by these materials. We’d love to hear your story. Share it here so we can tell others