Mom’s Night Out

Guys, Mother’s Day is Sunday. Have you worked out your plan to celebrate your mom? Your children’s mom? And/or some lady in your life who was like a Mother to you? I’m working with our crew to plan a day of celebration for Stacy. One of her favorite gifts over the years has been for the kids to work together to cook and serve lunch on Mother’s Day.

This year, a trip to the movies might be in order as Mom’s Night Out hits theaters on Friday. Stacy and I have seen this film twice already. It’s fun entertainment for the entire family and has an awesome message.

Clearly, some of you are asking, why would Mike Young and Noble Warriors – a ministry focused on men – encourage folks to see a movie called Mom’s Night Out? Here are a few reasons:

  • Stacy and I saw the film at The Fatherhood CoMission gathering last December and it’s just flat out a fun movie. We laughed from beginning to end.
  • While I did wince a few times about how men and fathers are portrayed, in the end the dads and other guys truly are heroes to their wives and kids.
  • Every married guy I know, including me, sometimes lives under the false impression that being a Mommy is a cake walk. In a humorous way, this film shines some light on the challenges of mothering and creates a great opportunity for couples to talk about how things really work at home.
  • It’s a film that the entire family could see together and enjoy!