Movies & Men

This is an unusually active season for strong Christ-centered films… Here’s a quick update.


The Young Messiah – In theaters now. The Bible says little about Jesus as a young boy. This film, presents a picture of what his life might have looked like at the age of 7. Great picture of Joseph as a dad, Mary’s struggles with what she knew about Jesus and the cultural climate of the day. Ultimately, everyone must decide how they will deal with Jesus!


Risen – In theaters now. A Roman Tribune is tasked with finding the missing body of Jesus. The most significant manhunt in history. What he ultimately doesn’t find pales in comparison to what he does find. This has much masculine context and would be a great discussion starter for a men’s group, your neighbor or your family. It’s worth seeing. It’s been in the top 10 movies nationwide for 4 weeks!


God’s Not Dead 2 – Opening on April 1 – You’ll be cheering with the crowd and your family as the plot unfolds in this drama that teaches much about courageous faith as well as apologetics. Mark your calendar for opening weekend!