NW Regional Teams

It’s time for a new round of training opportunities for pastors and leaders with our regional teams. It may sound strange, but this month our training initiative will be “Helping Your Men Maximize the Holidays With Their Families”

Why this topic now? Well… over the years I’ve noticed that many families (including mine) survive the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, but end up a bit dazed and shell-shocked about the second week of January wondering what just happened. I see that godly, Christian folks feel like they’ve been run over by a truck. The question is, how can the church help families manage the season well? I think the answer is (the same as most answers) START WITH THE MEN!

So, we’re going to ENGAGE EQUIP & ENCOURAGE men’s leaders and pastors to help their men lead their families to live out John 10:10 this season. Join us for one of these regional gatherings to learn how to help your men lead their families well!

Noble Warriors North
Monday, October 13th

Noble Warriors Southwest
Monday, October 20th

Noble Warriors Central
Monday, October 27th