Wow! Over 800 Men from Over 100 Churches!

Greetings Friends,

That’s a lot of men, marriages, families, relationships and work places impacted in one day! I’m still praising God for all He did! Our prayer is that decisions made on Saturday will reverberate in men’s lives and relationships for generations.

2012 Richmond ISI - Hosted by Noble Warriors
2012 Richmond ISI 

Check out the video of the conference on the right. We’re thankful to Dan Butler for his work on this. We’ve also posted some of the photos here. And for those who are interested, we have the audio recordings for both keynote messages and the seminars for sale in CD and MP3 formats. Click here to download a registration form.

If you attended on Saturday and made a significant decision, would you take a moment to share that with us? I know that some men prayed to place their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. Others committed to ‘Go There’ with Jesus in a re-commitment or even to start a new legacy story for their families. We’d love to hear your story when you have a chance. Send me a message about your experience.

Thanks again to all the men who joined us. There were many other things you could have done on Saturday, but you chose to make an eternal investment in your own future and your family… for generations! Congratulations and may God encourage you as you live out this new, sharper life together with men in your church!

Serving Adventurously,

Mike Young