Passing the Baton

Guys, reviewing that Cheerios commercial and thinking about the challenge of explaining difficult things to our children helped me remember a resource for dads that I personally love and often share with others. Passing the Baton: 100 Life Skills and Principles Every Father Needs to Teach His Children. This little book is filled with practical life and faith lessons to share with your kids as they grow. Grady does a great job of reminding us that as our children grow, our time with them and our influence in their lives decreases, so we must be strategic and intentional in our efforts to teach them.

I would encourage you to check out this resource and purchasing a copy for yourself and/or another dad in your life. Here are a few of the topics Grady covers:

• The concept of “Standing Stones”

• What is a man in God’s design?

• What is a woman in God’s design?

• The ATS principle (One of my favorites!)

• Horns and when to toot yours

• The hired hand principle

• Meeting and working with powerful people

• One’s reputation – its value, source and durability

• Sleep with dogs and you get fleas

• Changing a tire – in the dark

And there are lot’s more! Check it out here.