Processing Summer

Bless the Lord, O my soul;, and forget not all his benefits… Psalm 103:2

Summer is about to come to an end. The season has been quite busy for our family. Stacy and I feel like we’ve been in a whirlwind for three months. We’re ready to settle back into some of the routines of the school year.

The kids have had a blast with all the things they’ve experienced but it’s easy for them to just bump along waiting for the next exciting opportunity. They seldom take time to look back over their experiences and remember the friends, fun, excitement and delights of summer. They especially need help seeing how God has blessed us with opportunity, safety, friends and family.
So, one of the things we plan to do with this final weekend is take some time with the kids to talk about the summer. Here are a couple of our strategies…

I spent a lot of time with Tim on the mission trip to South Asia this summer. So Stacy plans to take Tim out for dinner and talk with him personally about his experiences. This will be a great mother/son activity. Both Stacy and Tim are looking forward to it.

I plan to take Hannah on a Daddy date and talk with her about all the things she enjoyed over the summer. We’ll also discuss some expectations for her as she heads off to school for the first time. (We’ll make it fun by painting some pottery at All Fired Up.)

We’ll also spend some time with Ben and Zach individually to talk about their experiences. At some point during the weekend we’ll talk about the summer as a family. You and/or your kids may think that these intentional discussions are a little hokey… but don’t let that stop you. We are conditioned in our culture to just keep breezing by life looking for what’s next. It’s worthwhile to look back and remember what we experienced and how it impacted us.

Men, lead your family to review the summer. Talk about experiences, lessons and reactions. Make sure you talk with them about their spiritual development. Did they grow closer to Christ over the summer? This conversation will produce a natural opportunity for you to talk about the future and set the stage for what they’ll face as the school year kicks off! has an awesome family activity to help with this process. It’s called Memory Stones. Use it to remind your children that God often instructed his followers to use stones as a way to remember what God did for them.



Noble Notes posted on September 3, 2010