Put Me in, Coach!

Put Me in Coach1

Patrick Morley recently led a time of devotion for the NCMM Board of Directors on the issue of disciples making disciples. Here’s a question for you, can one truly call himself a disciple if he’s not discipling someone else? 

Jesus’ Great Commission for us was not to go and make workers, worshipers or tithers but disciples. True disciples are workers, worshipers, tithers and many other things but they are or should also be disciplers themselves. Remember Paul’s words to Timothy, “and what you have heard from men in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach other also.” (2 Timothy 2:2 ESV)

Here’s the struggle that Patrick Morley shared… in the past 30 years many men have been discipled through Promise Keepers, Man In The Mirror, Point Man, Bible studies, conferences, etc. But here’s the challenge… too few of us are taking what we’ve learned and sharing it with another man or even our family. Many of us are Dead Sea disciples… others have poured into our lives but we aren’t pouring into the lives of others.

So, if you’re investing in other men, KEEP IT UP! If you’re not, GET GOING (of course, you should pray about this but I get a bit annoyed with men who say they’re praying when they should simply get busy. You don’t need to ask God IF you should be investing in others. Your questions might be who/how, but the mandate is clear!)

Get in the Game! Noble Warriors provides encouragement, resources and sometimes a kick in the pants to help motivate and equip men to invest in others. If you need help, let us know! But stop sitting on the bench.

Pray with us that more men will truly begin to live as disciples by investing in others, starting with their own families!